Aftercare For Decorated Garments
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Aftercare For Decorated Garments

Having been involved in the imprinting business for several years, we have witnessed the increasing popularity of printed garments. However, it is important to make our customers aware of the appropriate aftercare for decorated garments and for Embroidered Clothing require, as they may otherwise get damaged.

So, we have decided to bring to you a list of information to aftercare for decorated garments that decorated garment manufacturers need to provide their customers with.

1. Can The Printed Garments Withstand Dry Cleaning?

While dry cleaning is quickly becoming people’s champion choice for laundry, not all decorated garments can withstand it. This is because the dry cleaning process involves high temperatures and chemicals, which some printed garments cannot survive. Therefore, dry cleaning is not recommended as aftercare for decorated garments.

2. Store The Garments Inside Out

The imprinting process used for decorated garments can be different from one manufacturer to the other. But irrespective of whether they use the screen printing technique, direct to garment technique, or the heat transfer vinyl technique, most of the decorated garments are better preserved when they are turned inside out and stored.

3. The Dos And Don’ts Of Washing Printed Garments

While washing itself does not pose a huge risk, the issue lies in the different detergents and fabric softeners that your customers might use. For instance, detergents such as bleach can affect the ink of the print and even softeners can loosen up the rhinestones glued to the heat transfer vinyl. Furthermore, these very same softeners can also affect the polyester and the fire retardant properties of the fabric. Bleach and softener are not recommended for decorated garments if you are wondering the aftercare for decorated garments.

How To Wash Decorated Garments

4. The Cooler The Temperature: The Better It Is For Printed Garments

Unsurprisingly, a warm or hot atmosphere can affect both the prints and the fabric of decorated garments. The heat could affect the ink of the prints and weaken the adhesiveness. Moreover, it could also lead to other damages such as material shrinking and color fading.

Although high temperatures would not impact all decorated garments, it is always better to stick to a cooler environment. Because a cool environment cannot really harm such decorated garments, so there would be a minimal threat. So, take this as another tip for aftercare decorated garments.

5. Stick To The Old Way Of Drying Garments

Since ancient days, the most convenient way to dry clothes has been hanging them out in the sun or laying them on flat surfaces that are exposed to sunlight. This is actually the most effective way to dry and aftercare for decorated garments as well.

But unfortunately, people rely on mechanical drying techniques nowadays. The issue with such drying techniques is that excess heat could damage the garments and cause them to shrink. So even if it is a household clothes dryer that is being used, do make sure that it is set to a low temperature to avoid any unwarranted damage.

Drying Aftercare For Decorated Garments

6. Iron Inside Out

As discussed above, heat-related precautions are required when ironing or pressing decorated garments as well. Hence, it is important to turn the garments inside out and iron them over another piece of cloth, without ironing the printed sides directly. However, do keep in mind that although this ironing technique will work for most heat transfer vinyl, it will not work for plastisol screen-print transfers.

So, do remember to use  these tips and tricks to aftercare for decorated garments . Else, you may treat printed garments like ordinary clothing and damage them unintentionally. And we are certain that keeping your customers in the loop about such practices will surely help you attract and retain more of them.

If you have any questions regarding how to aftercare for decorated garments, you can call Blue Sky T-shirts, the leading screen printing and embroidery services provider in Vancouver. We are ready to help you.