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Commercial Screen Printing

Commercial Screen Printing By Professionals

Screen printing at a commercial level is an excellent way to customize your products efficiently and affordably. With the help of this technique, you can print any design on any type of material in a short time.

Blue Sky T-Shirts is the best place for T-shirt printing in Vancouver. Here, we can print a design on fabric, canvas and many other surfaces. We have a team of professionals who are very well-versed in the art of custom screen printing.

They are creative and imaginative and, at the same time, efficient and punctual. This combination will ensure that your job is done in style and on time. With our custom screen printing technology, we can print any logo on your apparel products, Vancouver embroidery designs and print mugs, etc.

Screen printing is an excellent technique for commercial items because it gives a vibrant and clean finish, and the results last a long time.

Print Any Logo On Your Apparel Products

What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Screen Printing

Commercial screen printing is trendy in the field of printing nowadays. Keep reading to find out why this technique is so popular:

It uses a layer of ink to be used on a wide range of surfaces. The item that is being printed on is called the ‘substrate.’

It provides a variety of colors, so we no longer have to print single-color images. Screen printing gives your company many different options for ink and dyes. Thanks to digital images and new software, even the most complex designs can be designed and printed.

Also, screen printing allows us to print on a wider range of surfaces. We can print on anything from mugs to keychains.

Commercial screen printing is extremely durable because the ink does not fade with time. It can be safely used on surfaces outdoors, to one that is always exposed to water and moisture. The colors are brilliant, printed surfaces are sturdy, and adverse weather has little or no effect when it comes to screen printing in Vancouver.

Production is efficient. Almost every aspect of screen printing has improved over the years, including the speed of the process and the quality of the ink.

The production method is now significantly less labor intensive and the completed product quality has improved dramatically. If you have particular requirements, this process is excellent for your needs.

The process is highly automated. Screen printing is very productive because of its high level of automation. It permits presses to run indefinitely with no impact on the quality of the resulting product. Drying systems of higher quality also contribute to a more efficient production process.

Technological developments and inventions, such as the “rotary screen press,” allow the process to run continuously, which is especially beneficial for larger-scale projects.

This process has taken many steps to become more environmentally friendly. Sensitizers are now widely used in the business. This is far safer than the poisonous bichromates previously employed in the process. The stencils that are necessary for the technique’s printing process are now made with pre-sensitized chemicals.

Commercial Screen Printing As A Marketing Tool

Screen printing may be utilized for various marketing items, such as mugs and custom photo T-shirts, because of its high-quality outcome and applicability in mass printing. It’s entirely up to you to spend your marketing budget on screen printing.

Mass Output – Bulk T-Shirts Printing

Since the process is highly automated, it is straightforward to produce a large number of products at the same time. So if you need a lot of T-shirts printed, commercial screen printing is the way to go.

Easy To Customize Your Custom T-shirts

We can cater to your requirements and make your product so that it suits your needs.

Commercial Screen Printing Vancouver

Blue Sky T-Shirts – Experts In Commercial Screen Printing

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This is why we keep in touch with our clients in the process from start to finish.

It is critical that we can handle problems, manage budgets, and complete deadlines on time. To ensure that orders are filled correctly, and on time, we even offer increased business hours.

We can easily keep up with tight deadlines for massive commercial orders with the most up-to-date custom t-shirts printing technology. We provide free proof, free consultations, and expert advice on how the process works for all new customers.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your goals are reached efficiently and punctually. Feel free to contact us to get a free quote for your printing needs.

Facts About Commercial Screen Printing

Commercial screen printing: what exactly is it?

This is the process of using screen printing to put designs on apparel or other items. It is a commonly used technique in marketing and branding. When companies print their logo and company colors on various day-to-day items or custom hoodies printing, it improves brand awareness.

What is this process like?

A stencil is used to print a design on a substrate by applying ink to it. Every layer of an image that is printed has its own screen. This process is also called serigraphy, and it can be applied to a massive range of surfaces.

What happens in the CMYK color process?

CMYK is an acronym that stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colors are the ones that make up the color profile of the print. In CMYK printing, the image is divided into these four colors, and then the original colors are duplicated using the color profile.

What is the difference between commercial screen printing and digital printing?

A stencil is used to create the design in screen printing, while digital printing is done by designing the image on the computer in advance.