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Common Myths About Screen Printing

Why You Shouldn’t Believe in These Common Myths About Screen Printing

Like every other industry, the apparel screen printing industry has its own fair share of myths that have misled everyone in many ways. For example, the perception that expensive custom t-shirts printing has led to the general view that custom screen printing is equally pricey.

Such myths and rumors can stop you from making satisfactory purchases. It’s important to identify these myths about screen printing to enjoy a better experience when you choose to try it.

As one of the top screen printing companies in Vancouver, Blue Sky T-Shirts has compiled this collection of myths about screen printing just for you.

We are a highly experienced and professional t-shirts and hoodies screen printing company in Vancouver that has won the hearts of many customers and businesses through the years.

Read on as we identify some of the most common myths about screen printing in Vancouver and bust the myths to show you what custom screen printing is.

Once you know these myths, you will no longer be confused by the misinformation, and all your doubts about designing your own t-shirt will surely disappear!

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Myth 1 – Screen Printing T-shirts Will Cost You More

One of the biggest myths about screen printing market in Vancouver is that screen printing is too expensive and costs you more. This myth is possible because screen printing orders are usually taken in large numbers, where thousands of t-shirts are printed for one specific project or organization.

Although it is true that bulk orders for screen printing have the most cost savings per individual article of clothing, the prices for such bulk orders may seem intimidating, especially if you are planning to place a smaller order of around 100 t-shirts for your project or organization.

But do not worry because genuine screen printing companies always scale their costs to each job, limiting prices according to your specific project.

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we provide you with a free estimate with no set-up fees, making it even more cost-efficient for you. Therefore, this is one myth that you can stop worrying about when getting your custom screen printed t-shirts.

Myth 2 – Screen Printing is Limited to T-Shirts

Another common myth about screen printing is limited to only t-shirts. This is because most screen printing services, including Blue Sky T-Shirts, always give prominence to t-shirt printing when we advertise our services to you.

Indeed, the most popular and common garment that takes up the bulk of custom screen printing is t-shirts. The t-shirt is a universally loved fashion statement chosen by almost every organization and for every unique project. Therefore, custom t-shirt screen printing is naturally our primary focus.

However, screen printing at Blue Sky T-Shirts is not just limited to t-shirts. We are a capable and flexible printing company, and we can print your customized hoodie design onto any fabric that you wish.

Here is a list of some of the many garments and accessories that we offer screen printing services on so that we can help you further debunk this myth!

  • Hoodies 
  • Polos
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Workwear 
  • Sportswear 
  • Shorts and pants 
  • Headwear 
  • Safety wear
  • Bags and accessories 

No matter the type of garment, accessory or material, Blue Sky T-Shirts is ready to deliver premium screen printing to them all!

Myth 3 – Custom Designs are not Possible with Screen Printing

The belief that you can only choose the designs within the catalog of the screen printing company that you choose is another myth that we wish to destroy.

Although screen printing companies sometimes offer a set of pre-designed garments to choose from, this does not limit you from designing your t-shirt.

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we encourage you to use your designs, logos and artwork for your customized t-shirts. Our highly talented in-house graphic designers will assist you with the designing process if you need some additional help!

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Myth 4 – Screen Printing Takes too Long

You may have encountered this myth about screen printing when looking for the best methods to get custom printed clothing for your project.

Many believe that screen printing requires a long time, which can be disadvantageous for special events. However, we show you that this is just another myth!

Professional screen printing companies like Blue Sky T-Shirts always make sure to deliver the products on time. That is why we offer you a proper timeline before we take up your orders so that you won’t miss your special events by a single minute.

We offer screen printing services for all kinds of timely events like,

  • Sporting events
  • Festivals and concerts 
  • Corporate events 
  • Class reunions 
  • Company outings 
  • Community fundraisers

However, while we make sure to deliver on time, Blue Sky T-Shirts allocate adequate time for the perfect printing of your designs with great attention to detail. We always make sure that quality is given priority.

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Myth 5 – Screen Printed Designs will Flake Off.

If you are concerned that your design will flake off or fade away after a few washes, then that is another myth that you no longer have to worry about.

If the screen printing process is conducted with the proper procedure and the best printing technology like at Blue Sky T-Shirts, then your design will be long-lasting and good as new no matter how many times you wash it or how long you wear it!

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we use the best materials and technology to produce lasting results, and we guarantee that your custom hoodies designs will not peel or flake off at all.

Don’t Let These Myths About Screen Printing Let You Down!

Now that you know some of the most common myths about screen printing in Vancouver, we hope we have cleared up your doubts and concerns! Don’t hesitate to contact Blue Sky T-Shirts for further information, and order your custom t-shirts printed with us!