Custom Embroidery Designs

Custom Embroidery Designs

How To Make Custom Embroidery Designs

With the ever-changing world, our sense of style is also evolving. Today, a trendy style is about fitting your unique style into the dynamic world. Some people might believe that ripped jeans are all the rage, while others may think ripped jeans are not worth the price because they are already torn.

Find some of the Custom Embroidery Tips that we use to create quality designs.

This article will focus on a traditional fashion statement that has yet to go out of style. Custom embroidery is an elegant and easy way to make your garments look stylish and personalized.

Embroidery involves using a needle and thread to decorate a piece of fabric. This art started as a hobby in the 11th century, and it has been highly popular ever since. The art of embroidery designs has traveled a long way, and it has adapted well to the changing tastes of society.

Embroidery is an art that was once used to do tapestries but today we have changed it according to our needs, and we use it for things like adding colour to denim or adding personalized logos to company apparel. At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we do custom embroidery designs on a variety of apparel products.

Issues With Custom Embroidery Designs

Custom Embroidery Tips: What Are The Issues With Embroidery Designs?

Like all arts, mastering the art of embroidery requires practice and patience. Only those with great skill and practice can produce a clean and beautiful embroidered design. So it is important that you give your embroidery work to trained professionals in order to get a flawless end product.

Lack of Knowledge About Embroidery

If you use the wrong needle or the wrong number of threads for an embroidered product, it will end up looking messy. This is because the line thickness will differ, and you will end up with a design that doesn’t look good. So always make sure to talk to an expert before you give the order.

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Using The Wring Fabric

If you are going for surface embroidery, you need strong and firm fabric where the thread count is more than or equal to 28. If you do not know about custom embroidery designs, even if you spend a lot of money on your product, you might end up with crooked stitches and substandard work.

Incorrect Needle

Sometimes, people use a huge needle for a pattern that requires a small one. This will result in getting large needle holes everywhere in your fabric. On the other hand, using a small needle where a large one is needed will cause the fabric to be torn.

This is where the advice on an expert comes in. If you consult an expert before you place your order, it is unlikely that you will run into those issues.

Dealing With Knots When Doing Custom Embroidery Designs

Knots are not supposed to be a part of your embroidered pattern. Although knots are sometimes barely noticeable, it is good to avoid them. The best thing to do when a new thread is attached is to hide the knot. Only an expert would know how to do this, so it’s always good to get the advice of a professional whenever you place an order for custom embroidery designs.

Incorrect Thread Thickness

Incorrect Thread Thickness

Like a needle with wrong thickness will ruin your fabric, so will a thread that is not the right thickness for the job. If the wrong thread is used, it can cause a lot of damage to your garment. For narrow fillings in clothing, it is best to use thin thread. On the other hand, thick threads are best suited for bold and heavy lines in embroidery.

Since you now have a clue of how custom embroidery designs has to be done ideally, you would also understand the importance of hiring a professional for this job. Custom embroidery designs can be a complicated task but if you have the right experts working on it, then you have nothing to worry about.

Custom Embroidery Service With Blue Sky T-Shirts

Our company is your best option if you are looking for experts in the field who will give a clean, precise and neat finish to your embroidery work. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are well experienced in the art of embroidery.

Our professionals will work closely with you and get your approval for each custom embroidery design you want to do. They will always let the customer be a part of the designing process and consider their sense of style.

At our award-winning embroidery service, we have a wide range of clothes for you to choose from, such as polo, t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, pull-over hoodies, zip-up hoodies and more. If you want to add a logo to your cap, we can do that as well!

Process Of Custom Embroidery Designs

The Process Of Custom Embroidery Design

Step 01
If you intend to build awareness around your brand, having your apparel embroidered is an excellent way to do it. Our first step is to ask you for a design that you want to embroider. After you give us the custom embroidery design, we will make the artwork and give you an estimate.

Step 02
After you get the estimate, you can speak to an custom embroidery expert. He will help you finalize your design and talk you through the nitty gritty of the process.

Step 03
Next you can evaluate your design and let us know how many garments you need. We don’t have a big minimum order limitation and we can start your order for just 12 pieces!

Step 04
After you place the order, simply sit back and relax, knowing that you’ve left the job with experts. We are very diligent with our quality control process, and we will make sure that each piece is checked thoroughly for mistakes..

If you are in a hurry, we can even speed up the process for a small additional amount, as long as you mention the deadline when placing the order.


Embroidering your logo can add value, create brand awareness and take your company to the next level. So if you are looking for flawless custom embroidery designs on any type of apparel, make sure to give us a call! or visit our custom embroidery store in Vancouver.