Custom Embroidery Shop

Would you like to see your company logo printed on any cloth – be it a T-shirt, a cap, a towel or anything else? Well, in that case, our custom embroidery shop are here for you!

Blue Sky T-shirts is one of Vancouver’s best custom t-shirt printing companies, and we provide excellent custom embroidery services to all our customers.

Our embroidery designs are of the highest quality, and we use machines with the latest technology to give you the best embroidery services in all of Vancouver.

We can personalize many clothes units at our custom embroidery shop, and we will provide seamless designs that will make your garments all the more attractive.

Our Embroidery Services

At Blue Sky T-shirts, we provide a diverse range of embroidery services that include:

  • Customized shirts
  • Customized hoodies
  • Customized hats
  • Customized jackets
  • Embroidered shirts
  • Customized polo t-shirts

We are an organization with large global buying power, so any embroidery services you request from us can be provided at a reasonable price. In Vancouver, we are undoubtedly the best when it comes to embroidery because quality is our number one priority.

Embroidery Services in Vancouver

What, you may ask, is so special about embroidered garments? Embroidery allows us to customize our clothes in any way we like. Blue Sky T-shirts can provide custom embroidery designs that will make your company garments look genuinely professional and graceful.

It will add value to your brand and give your employees a sense of camaraderie when they wear them. In addition, you can even give your employees personalized t-shirts with their names embroidered on them.

This will truly make them feel included in the organization. With the use of custom embroidery, you can even treat your customers to beautifully embroidered clothes with your company logo on them.

Custom embroidery can truly help you to add brand value to your organization, and give a professional and business-like attitude to all your employees.

Most Reliable Embroidery Services Vancouver

Customized apparel can make a good impression on your customers. When your clients see your employees dressed in customized apparel, they will automatically assume that your company can be trusted to provide top-notch service.

Customized clothing can help with advertising as well. With the aid of such clothing, you can take your brand name further.

Unbeatable Embroidery Services

Of all the custom embroidering shops in Vancouver, ours is undoubtedly the best. We always prioritize quality embroidery and flawless customer service, so our clients are always completely satisfied with our services.

One of the best things about custom embroidery is that it is not limited to a single type of garment. You can embroider practically anything. From t-shirts to duffel bags to towels – we embroider them all!

Custom embroidery can be done to any number of garments, so that will make things so much easier for you.

Embroidery And Stitch Count

As opposed to screen printing, embroidery proceeds are not determined by the number of colours but rather by the number of stitches. Our custom embroidery shop use this method to calculate pricing because it is quite an accurate way to determine the value of the work.

Custom embroidery is sewn into the garment, and sophisticated machines are used to do this. Embroidery machines have many heads to embroider over 12 garments at once. The stitch count is the number of stitches that are used to finish a certain logo.

A digitised version of your logo is created in the machines and then the ideal number of stitches for each design will be carefully decided. Usually, when it comes to custom embroidery, the higher the number of stitches, the better the final look.

What Should You Embroider?

Custom embroidery is suitable for all hats, so you should consider embroidering all your hats unless the price is a problem.

In addition, t-shirts and jackets can also be embroidered, because they cost relatively only a few dollars more, but they become infinitely more attractive.

It must also be noted that embroidery is not the best idea if you want to do waterproof jackets, because the embroidery can weaken the waterproofing ability of the jacket.

Embroidery Services Vancouver

The Best Custom Embroidery Shop In Vancouver

When it comes to embroidery in Vancouver, we are your best option. With many years of experience in the apparel embroidery industry, we always provide flawless service to our customers. Our embroidery shops provide various services for you to choose from, making your experience so much better. So, if you would like to have your apparel items embroidered by one of the best embroidery shops in Vancouver, make sure to contact us!