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Personalized Face Masks – Branded Custom Masks

Due to the unfortunate circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been restricted to the use of masks. With workplaces, colleges, and schools slowly opening up, we have seen a rise in demand for custom face masks printing.

Alongside the rise in demand for masks, we have also seen a noticeable interest in custom mask printing. This demand stems from different segments of the society: party planners, corporate entities, school students, and even families.

Wearing masks throughout the day has become another accessory of our outfits. So, custom face masks are ideal whether adding color to our appearance or marketing a particular brand or group.

Getting You Custom Face Masks In Vancouver

Blue Sky T-Shirts is your best bet if you are on the lookout for a custom mask printing company. We do face mask printing for different companies and we are renowned for doing a premium quality job at affordable rates.

What is even better is that we have a very straightforward procedure for our customers. You can upload your vector artwork or logo through the request form available on our website, and our team will do a mock up for you. We will make sure to match your color theme and preferences when doing so.

Therefore, whether it is for your wedding party or your employees, Blue Sky T-Shirts can do any custom face masks printing order. Our team will make sure that we meet your design needs at reasonable rates.

Custom Face Masks

How Do We Print Custom Face Masks?

As a professional custom mask printing company, we are one of the most reliable screen printing companies in Vancouver. We offer a range of customization techniques, including screen printing, embroidery, and heat transfer.

Not quite sure what that means? Well, let us take a look.

Screen Printing Custom Face Masks

Screen printing is our most sought-after approach to custom mask printing.

This is because screen printing ensures durability as the ink is directly infused into the mask’s material. Therefore even if the mask is subjected to repeated washing, your print would not be harmed.

However, it has to be noted that screen printing is usually done with minimal colors. If you are expecting to get custom face masks done via screen printing, you might have to restrict to one or two colors.

Embroidered Custom Face Masks

Embroidery is yet another popular approach to customizing face masks. Embroidery is done using thread, where the logos or text you need on your masks are sewn into the material. The delicate look and richness add extra value to custom masks. 

However, embroidery works best when the details are not too intricate: that is, if the logo is too complicated or the text is too small, embroidery might not be the best approach for you.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is a custom mask printing technique where the design is first mapped onto a vinyl sheet and then heat-pressed onto the masks. This approach to custom mask printing is best for designs that have intricate details. May it be the size of the text, or the logo itself, heat transfer can handle detailed customizations. 

Furthermore, these masks can also withstand multiple cycles of washing.

Our Custom Face Masks Come With Instructions And Guidelines For Optimal Use

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we go the extra mile to let our customers know how to take care of the masks. Our custom printed face masks are carefully packed in an eco-friendly bag that includes a small card that tells you how the masks should be washed. 

Can You Wash Custom Printed Face Masks?

All our custom printed face masks are entirely washable. It can withstand the hot cycle on washing machines and even tumble dry on regular heat levels. 

Breathing With Printed Face Masks: Is It Hard?

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we use premium quality material for screen printing. The breathability of our masks are unparalleled. Owing to this, our masks can provide maximum protection, given that they are worn appropriately.

The Durability Of Custom Face Masks

Yes, the custom face masks we produce are durable. They  can withstand repeated washing while also providing maximum protection. Not to forget, our mask designs have been carefully put together after considering a range of factors inclusive of comfort, safety, appeal, and durability.

Custom Masks Printing

Are custom face masks expensive?

When it comes to custom masks printing, pricing depends on the quantity and the design/logo to be printed. In addition to this, the price can also vary based on further additions.

Is custom masks printing a lengthy process?

On average, we take about 7-9 working days to complete a custom face mask order. And more importantly, given the current circumstances, we prioritize our custom masks printing orders as we understand how important they can be.