Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Process
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Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Process

Get Your Custom T-shirt Printed With Us

Blue Sky T-shirts gives you the best custom t-shirt screen printing service in Vancouver, where you can get your custom designs and logos printed in premium quality on your t-shirt, jersey, hoodie or any other garment. We use top-notch printing technology, which makes us the most popular and sought-after Vancouver screen printing company.

Our t-shirt printing services are affordable, long-lasting and of the highest quality. You can print your own designs and customize your t-shirt with us, or you can choose among a range of brands that we print, including the most popular East Van t-shirt. Whatever it is you want on your t-shirt, we bring it into reality!

Whether it is for an official event, a band costume, a t-shirt to support your favorite sports team or celebrity, or even your favourite brand logo, we got you covered. We offer the best custom t-shirt screen printing services in town and we will deliver your t-shirt to you within 14 days. We are fast, we are reliable, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction with the end results which you will be able to see on your t-shirt in no time.

So order your very own personalized or branded t-shirt at Blue Sky T-shirts to receive premium quality t-shirt printing service in Vancouver!

Here’s How Our Custom T-shirt Printing Process Works

You can now get premium screen printing services in Vancouver with Blue Sky T-shirts. There are several methods for t-shirt printing that we use such as screen printing, direct to garment as well as vinyl. Here’s a brief explanation of how each of these custom t-shirt screen printing processes works so that you can get a better idea of how you want your t-shirt printed and choose the best method among them.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing

Screen Printing 

The most tried and tested, traditional t-shirt printing method that we use is screen printing. Screen printing is done by using a mesh screen to capture your image, design or logo and then using squeegees to press the ink from the machine onto your t-shirt. This popular and widely recommended method of transferring ink into clothing will not disappoint you. 

At Blue Sky T-shirts, custom t-shirt screen printing will give you long-lasting, detailed and vibrant prints that will last throughout your t-shirt’s lifetime without fading. Instead, it has more flexibility for stretching and wear and tear because of its high-quality printing technology. Therefore, your customized t-shirt will last for a longer period of time and always look as good as new!

Direct To Garment Printing 

Another new method of transferring ink to garments is Direct To Garment printing. This is done with the use of a modern printing machine with an automatic printer that prints directly onto your clothing. It is carried out by lining up and placing your t-shirt on a palette and putting it through the printer with the use of conveyor belts.

Although this process gives out high-quality results, it can be a bit slower in comparison to custom t-shirt screen printing. At Blue Sky T-shirts, we usually use this method for smaller orders because of its time requirements and its convenience.

Vinyl Printing 

Vinyl Printing is the final method that Blue Sky T-shirts uses for t-shirt printing. Here, a vector file of your image or design is printed directly into vinyl, which is then cut to spec. Once this is done, layers can be added to the vinyl and printed into garments using a heat transfer method. This is also a long-lasting printing method that produces high-quality results.

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing Vancouver

What We Recommend As A Leading Custom T-Shirts Printing Company

At Blue Sky T-shirts, we always recommend our customers to opt for custom t-shirt screen printing because this method produces the best and fastest printing results. It is ideal for large orders such as for events, advertising or promotional programmes, personalized merchandise, custom hoodie printing Canada as well as for streetwear brands and other trendy wear like our famous East Van t-shirts

Through screen printing, we give you fast, high-quality and durable printing services and bring your designs into reality. You will have full creative freedom with your t-shirt designs and we are always ready to make those ideas come alive just for you! So call Blue Sky T-shirts to place your order, we will not disappoint you!