Direct To Garment Printing

Direct To Garment Printing

In Direct-to-Garment printing, the ink is sprayed directly onto the fabric. Here, the garment absorbs the design just like paper would absorb paint. The procedure of DTG printing is completed by heat pressing the newly printed t-shirt so that the colour will hold up without fading for years to come.

Being a well-loved Direct To Garment printing company in Vancouver, Blue Sky has some facts to share about this all-new successful t-shirt printing technique.

Why Choose DTG Printing Over Screen Printing?

  • No Minimum
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Reasonable Prices
  • No set-up time
  • Higher Quality

When Should You Opt For Direct To Garment Printing?

  • The design you want is complicated, colourful and realistic (ex: a picture of a person or scenery)
  • You want to get the colour shades and blends accurately done
  • You need the project done and delivered quickly
  • The design is so colourful that screen printing would cost a lot
  • It would help if you had tees from different sizes printed for a flat rate
  • You are looking for a superfast printing method last minute

Special Features Of DTG

Wondering what a DTG printer in Vancouver can do differently to make the end product much more appealing? Here are some of the most incredible things about Direct-to-Garment printing that can convince you to try it at least once.

High-Quality Eco-Friendly Ink

Who doesn’t love custom t-shirts? But when the prints are bulging, sticky and heavy? Not so much. The best thing about a DTG printer Vancouver is that it will give your t-shirt a super-soft, drawn-on-fabric print that will feel light and original.

Better Durability

Screen-printed tees tend to crack, fade and peel away with time. After just a few months, your t-shirt will start to look excessively worn out. The perk of choosing Direct-to-Garment printing is that the ink will stay longer without losing colour through a large number of washes.

Endless Colour Choice

Traditional apparel printing methods usually charge per colour. As for DTG, you don’t have to worry about this. Feel free to use as many colours as you want in the design without paying anything extra!

CMYK Model

The colour scheme of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (Black), shortened as CMYK, guarantees to be the best colour model for print materials. A Direct To Garment printer in Vancouver that uses this scheme will accentuate the vibrancy, resolution, and details of a print on fabric. Instead of a watered-down version of the source design, DTG printing will produce a fascinatingly beautiful piece that will not disappoint.

No Minimum Order Number

In DTG, whether you want a couple of t-shirts or a bulk is a choice that is absolutely up to you. This is why it is ideal to go with if you have a smaller order for an event, celebration, or something involving friends or family.

Quicker Turnaround For Lower Price

Due to the procedure having no set-up fees, the overall cost is much less. Our Blue Sky Direct To Garment printing can print your t-shirt within a few days after the order is placed. Long story short, you get higher quality t-shirts in a shorter time for a very reasonable price!

Vancouver Direct To Garment

Blue Sky T-Shirts: The Best DTG Printing Service in Vancouver

Are you looking for a talented and experienced DTG printing company in Vancouver? Then you being here is the perfect coincidence!

  • We use the best primer to help the design last longer and stronger on the fabric. (Primer is a pretreatment solution used in Direct-to-Garment printing to enhance the quality and durability of the print)
  • You can choose between multiple different materials. We will be happy to guide you through the upsides and downsides of each.
  • You can trust Blue Sky DTG printer Vancouver to only produce soft, breathable and comfortable t-shirts.
  • As a skilled direct-to-garment printer in Vancouver, we pride ourselves in employing a creative designing team and a well-trained printing crew.
  • We will genuinely go above and beyond in customizing the tees as thoroughly as you need in order to produce an ideal outcome.

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