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DTG Printing Vs Screen Printing : Which Is Best?

DTG Printing – Direct-To-Garment Printing

Are you curious about (Direct-to-Garment ) DTG printing? Let’s discuss how it works and if this is the right solution for your business. Read on to discover more!

What Is DTG Printing?

Create custom garments in no time with Direct-to-Garment printing! This printing method applies ink directly onto the fabric, just like you would print on paper. The ink is then absorbed into the garment’s fibers for a lasting design that won’t peel or fade.

How Does DTG Printing Work?

With Direct to Garment printing, digital printers are used to inject water-based ink into the fabric. A pre-treatment solution is applied to ensure the ink bonds with the material before placing the garment onto the platen and into the printer.

Once inside, your design will be ready in only minutes! Afterward, you can cure it with heat to ensure it’s long-lasting and durable enough for everyday use.

DTG printing (Direct-to-Garment) produces the best results on 100% cotton fabric.

Direct-to-garment printing offers many benefits, particularly if you want to print small orders. The setup is nearly non-existent, and it’s straightforward to produce one-off items through an online store connected with Blue Sky T-Shirts.

It’s fast and easy; you don’t have to worry about anything further!

Blue Sky T-Shirts Vancouver, The DTG printing provider, does not need pre-investment, and every item is printed upon order.

If your business necessitates larger orders, rest assured that DTG printing can still accommodate.

What Type Of Designs Work Best With DTG?

For companies looking to experiment with various colors and designs, DTG printers are an ideal printing solution. These printers offer a wide range of color options, making producing detailed designs and photorealistic images easier without any color limits.

When it comes to direct-to-garment printing, transparency should be avoided at all costs. As printers cannot accurately produce elements with opacity less than 100%, the fabric will contain many gaps due to ink being spread to compensate for missing color.

To ensure optimal performance and avoid this issue altogether, solid colors or halftone effects creating fake semi-transparency can provide the best results with DTG printing.

Apart from this, you can create detailed designs and color patterns that suit your needs. To achieve optimum results, we advise making graphics using the sRGB color profile – it is best suited for accurately matching DTG printer colors.

Is DTG Printing Eco-friendly?

DTG is a more ecologically friendly fashion business model than screen printing since it enables businesses to print one-offs. It avoids overproduction and the shocking 92 million tons of textile waste the fashion industry generates annually.

It’s no wonder why this game-changing approach has revolutionized traditional approaches!

When collaborating with a third-party printing partner, products will be printed only after someone has purchased something.

Furthermore, many Direct-to-Garment printers feature technological advancements that prioritize sustainability.

DTG printing machines generate minimal wastewater while minimizing energy usage – radically reducing the carbon footprint in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, some digital printing machine use vegan DTG inks that are water-based, formulated, tested, and produced at their own ink factories to ensure the highest quality. These non-toxic inks decompose naturally without any hazardous substances or animal-derived ingredients.

How Much Does DTG Printing Cost?

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option to produce a small run of custom t-shirts, look no further than DTG – with very affordable prices at  Blue Sky T-Shirts!

How Long Do DTG Prints Last?

Follow the washing instructions to ensure your DTG prints remain crisp and bright for as long as possible. For best results, machine-wash garments in a gentle cycle using mild detergent – steer clear of bleach and fabric softeners!

Additionally, do not iron over the prints directly or you risk fading or cracking them.

Is DTG Printing The Right Choice For Your Business?

Direct-to-garment printing is a seamless way to create products for your customers. Third-party printers have no minimum order requirement, so there’s no need to keep inventory on hand. You can also utilize these services as needed, making DTG an effortless and convenient option.

Direct to Garment printing allows the entire design to be printed quickly and efficiently in one go. There is no color count, so setup time for your order is eliminated – making it possible for you to receive your print file immediately!

With this printing model, you can readily explore fresh designs or enter new markets without worrying about losing money. If the product doesn’t perform well, it’s simple to discontinue or switch to another one.

DTG vs. Screen Printing: What’s Right For You?

DTG and screen printing can both create stunning prints, but the methods and costs vary substantially. DTG utilizes a printer to inject ink into the fabric, whereas screen printing applies layers of color onto garments.

The most beneficial difference is that DTG doesn’t require an upfront cost while orders are fulfilled on-demand; meanwhile, bulk ordering is needed for screen-printed products.

Need help deciding which printing method is the best for you? Consider this comparison chart and make an informed decision:

DTG Printing vs screen printing

Choose Your Printing Method Wisely.

As you contemplate the decision between DTG or screen printing for your apparel business, remember to reflect on all factors before settling. Consider these aspects:

  • your brand image
  • the complexity of your designs
  • your product quantity needs
  • your willingness to invest in the stock upfront

If you’re in the market for a low-risk yet highly effective way to expand your business, on-demand DTG printing is an ideal solution. With this reliable printing method, it’s easy to experiment with new designs without much apprehension, and you won’t have to worry about managing inventory or dealing with deliveries yourself.

Take advantage of DTG print providers and use the extra time to explore new product offerings and marketing strategies that emphasize digital printing.