Langley Custom T-shirt Printing Shop

We specialize in custom printing t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts for organizations, companies, and special events that require sustainable workwear, uniforms, merchandise or retail stock. There are no minimum order quantities; you can purchase one customized shirt at a time with our Langley custom t-shirt printing shop.

T-shirts with your design printed on them are ideal for catching people’s attention, and that’s precisely why businesses utilize them to promote their business, raise brand recognition, or sell items.

They’re frequently used as a form of personal expression, brand promotion, or charitable giving. It’s difficult to ignore the graphic when it’s front and center, which is why companies choose to put their logo and marketing messages on T-shirts: Because they will be noticed!

Custom T-Shirt Printing Quality

We print all of our custom T-shirts in-house, which allows us to check each design before printing and ensure high quality throughout the process. Our method guarantees rapid output while enabling us to respond quickly if you have post-order concerns.

Langley Custom T-shirt Printing

What Are The Benefits Of Our Langley Custom T-shirt Printing Service?

Shirts with designs are popular because they may be produced and purchased at a low cost. Our Langley Custom T-shirts printing is ideal for broad exposure or as souvenirs for special occasions. A T-shirt with your logo is a beautiful way to ensure that something about your event, concert, or other experiences won’t be forgotten.

You may want to commemorate a memorable occasion from time to time. Our custom-made mugs are another well-liked item, as they’re excellent giveaways when filled with your corporate items and branded with your logo.

Custom T-shirt Printing Langley

What Format Does My Art Have To Be In For Screen Printing?

We need AI, EPS vector format artwork (preferably transparent). Vector design artwork has crisp edges and gives the highest-quality printing outcomes. Zooming in on your design to see if its vector format is simple:

If it isn’t pixelated when you do so, then it isn’t low resolution enough for us to work with. No matter how far you zoom in, vector format images never pixelate.

We have a helpful how-to that explains how to get screen print art ready for production and the differences between vector and raster images.

The screenprint works best with large quantities. Our Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Screen Printing shop is equipped to handle processes.

If you only need a few tees, digital printing is a wonderful alternative. Digital printing allows for an infinite variety of colors, gradients, and fine details—which means your design possibilities are endless.

Screen printing

The most prevalent sort of commercial T-shirt modification is screen printing or silkscreen printing. Each design is created by placing a custom-made mesh screen on top of the T-shirt for each print.

The print is made by moving ink over the screen with a squeegee and transferring the ink and pattern onto your shirt. Because each design requires its own specific screen, mass orders are beneficial.


Our embroidery service is ideal for you if you want the most durable and attractive finish. Our enthusiastic artwork staff uses cutting-edge technology to digitize all embroidery in-house.

Our professional embroidery machines are some of the fastest and most flexible on the market so that we can offer outstanding speed and value for money.

Double-sided printing

With our cutting-edge t-shirt printing technology, we can print on both the front and back of your T-shirts. This allows you to put your company logo on the front while also displaying promotional messages on the back.

By double-sided printing, you’re essentially doubling your brand’s exposure. It’s perfect when you just can’t decide between two designs!

Direct to Garment T-shirt Printing

We use the utmost detail and print durability with our full-color direct-to-garment t-shirt printing technology.

The ink is precisely jetted directly onto the fabric of the garment, much like an inkjet printer in the office or at home. This method, paired with our own automation technology, allows us to print on a huge scale while monitoring tens of thousands of unique orders daily.

We refined our color management method to ensure your design reaches its full potential.

There is no better full-color Langley custom t-shirt printing method available for a perfect balance of consistency, clarity, and durability.

Bulk Screen Printing Langley

We provide discounts for large orders based on the quantity and complexity of the request. Do contact us, and our expert design service will walk you through the process from start to finish.

We take pleasure in providing substantial bulk screen printing orders of any size at Blue Sky T-Shirts.

Simply contact us, and our professional and pleasant team will assist you in designing the ideal design for your project, with more significant savings depending on the size and complexity of your purchase. From order to dispatch, let us know your requirements, and we’ll walk you through the process.