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Branding is a tricky domain. This is mainly because you need to find the perfect balance between the brand value, branding approach, products utilized, size of the investment, and whatnot. But more importantly, you also need to focus on your brand image because it plays a crucial role in raising awareness, thereby promoting your business image.

So, how do you create an impactful brand image? And what sort of an effect does branded apparel have on the brand image? Well, let us take a look.

While different entities follow many other techniques, branded apparel is considered to be one of the most cost-effective approaches for creating a solid image.

It is one of the most popular branded products right now, mainly due to the flexibility, affordability, and convenience it provides. After all, what this means is printing your logo on apparel.

Corporate Logo On Apparel

This does not only provide a classy look for your brand, but it also makes a statement without overwhelming your audience.

If you are not convinced, let us look at all the benefits of branded apparel.

Improves Brand Awareness

As discussed early on, printing your logo on apparel is an impressive technique to raise brand awareness. Such custom apparels actually do the job of advertising on billboards, but with better reach. That is, whenever someone wears one of your custom t-shirts, they will be raising awareness for your brand wherever they go.

Because more often than not, we as humans are used to reading t-shirts and focusing on what they say. So, who does not want to reach a wider audience in such a simple way.

Strengthens Relationships

Custom t-shirts are a unique and practical gift that could be given to your clients and employees. Because they will be able to make use of it in their day-to-day life, and every time they do so, they will be reminded of your brand.

This will help strengthen their personal relationship with your brand since they will often see and interact with it. It will also help establish a sense of loyalty and familiarity with your brand that would not have been achieved otherwise.

Cost-effective Branding Approach

When we speak about marketing, our thought process always lingers at the traditional techniques like billboards and posters. But these techniques are pretty expensive and limited to a specific audience who will be in the surrounding area.

On the other hand, printing your logo on apparel is like deploying your own set of walking billboards. Because whenever someone visits places with your custom t-shirts, they would be doing the same as what a billboard or poster usually does. And can you even put a limit on the number of people you could approach through this marketing technique?

Did you know that ONE t-shirt worn by an average person in an average-sized city can be seen and read by over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people in its lifetime??? TM

So, yes, custom t-shirts are hands down one of the most cost-effective approaches that you could use to market your brand.

Tips For Promotional Clothing & Custom Branded Apparel

Now that you know how effective printing your logo on apparel is, let us give you a few tips for when you order your own custom-printed t-shirts.

Company Logo On Apparels

  • Tip 1: Get to know your audience

When it comes to printing custom t-shirts, you need to make sure that you understand your audience’s mindset, or more importantly, the fashion style. For instance, the apparel expectations of the millennials can be different from those of GenX. So, do make sure to get to know your audience before designing your custom t-shirts.

  • Tip 2: Know the occasion

It is also important to be aware of the occasion for which you are printing t-shirts. If you are printing custom t-shirts for a casual event such as an exhibition or a day out, you could do wonders with the t-shirt design. But if you are designing t-shirts for a more formal event such as an AGM, you need to go with a more simplistic design that would not be overwhelming.

  • Tip 3: Keep an eye on the style of garment

Also, do not forget to beware of the different styling guides for males and females. The collars, button placements, and even the sizes are different for ladies or men. So, make sure that you get the appropriate t-shirts for both parties.

  • Tip 4: Do it with a professional

While t-shirt printing might sound easy, it is always better to seek the help of professionals. With their experience and expertise in t-shirt printing, they will know what works best in terms of designs, colors, and even logo placement. 

  • Tip 5: Get to know your options

Ask your professional apparel designer to present different options to you rather than going in with a fixed design in your head. This will help you brainstorm and choose the best fit for your brand. After all, this is a walking billboard that you are going to print.