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Vancouver Custom Embroidered Apparel Made Fast

Many well-known organizations depend on Blue Sky T-Shirts for top-quality Custom Embroidered Apparel because they appreciate our service, prices, and the level of care we put into each product. Our team of very skilled embroidery experts goes above and beyond to make sure your logo or design looks amazing when it is applied to clothing!

Single and Multi Color Embroidery

Embroidery may take even the most basic designs to new heights. Embroidered patches and appliqués can be a unique way to add a personal touch to a single or many-colored design and make a one-of-a-kind Custom Embroidered Apparel that will last for years.

Embroidered Logos For Custom Embroidered Apparel In Vancouver

A digitized, embroidered logo is an excellent way to make any design look professional. Whether you’re adorning company uniforms or looking for the perfect employee gift, adding a logo through embroidery is easy – just send us a digital file of what you’d like! We’ll take care of the rest and have your custom t-shirts printing and garments ready in no time.

Names and Monogramming with Embroidery

Not only does everyone love having their name on things, but it’s also a great way to show you care. That’s why we offer Custom Embroidered Apparel services with names and initials. Simply choose one of our fonts and let us know how you want the item personalized. We will take care of everything else!

Puff Embroidery For Custom Embroidered Apparel

Puff embroidery is a three-dimensional-looking Embroidery method that raises the threads of the garment. It’s most often seen on hats, especially flat-billed hats, but it can also be used on other articles of clothing like hoodies. If you’re interested in puff embroidery for your Custom Embroidered Apparel, simply contact Blue Sky T-shirts Today.

Full Service, Professional Quality Custom Embroidery on Any Order

Logos For Custom Embroidered Apparel

Digitizing Files for Custom Embroidered Apparel

The process of converting a design from its original form (digital) to machine-readable format. Our digitizing experts are familiar with the capabilities and limitations of embroidery machines. They can spot potential problems like the too-small text to ensure each embroidered design meets both our and the client’s expectations.

Create Large Embroidery Designs on Anything

We do more than just small logos on the left breast of shirts! We can embroider full back designs, chair covers, tote bags…anything you need. No job is too large or too small for us.

Add Embroidered Designs to Sleeves, Hats, Bags & More

If you’re looking for ways to make your embroidery designs pop, try thinking outside the box. We can stitch on sleeves, visors, hat backs, backpacks, and more.

Create Embroidery Designs on Anything From Chair Backs to Tote Bags & More

If you’re thinking about embroidering something, we can help make it happen. We often work with customers to create unique designs on various custom made products, from polos and hats to chair backs and backpacks. So if you’ve got an idea for an embroidered product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Different Types of Threads

Rayon and polyester are the two most popular thread types in commercial embroidery. The distinction between them is debatable, but one thing is certain: Both produce amazing results. A few distinct varieties of threads are employed throughout the process, but two stand out the most: rayon and polyester.

It all depends on personal preference and the ultimate goal. Some people like the natural sheen of rayon better than polyester, while others prefer its resilient vibrancy. We try to offer as many alternatives as possible to our clients so they can choose what best meets their needs – therefore, we provide both.

Why Choose Blue Sky T-Shirt For Custom Embroidered Apparel

One of BC’s most well-known embroidery firms, trusting us to deliver high-quality products quickly is a simple choice. We can satisfy any order, large or small, and provide anything from high-quality polo shirts to custom caps and custom hoodies printing. Our specialty is rapid embroidery and fast delivery of personalized embroidered apparel.

We specialize in providing the best prices and highest quality goods because you deserve nothing less than the finest deals and products available. We show you why we have such fantastic feedback as one of the nation’s major embroidery companies.