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How To Decide Between Screen Printing And Digital Printing

Whether you opt for screen printing or digital printing is something that you have to decide, depending on your project. If you want a certain quantity of personalized prints, then you should go for digital printing. If you want a large number of prints that do not have to be personalized, then screen printing is the way to go.

The two methods have different finishes as well. Screen printing will provide a soft, retro look, while digital prints produce a crisp and modern finish. There are many factors like these to consider before figuring out the best option. This blog will list each method’s pros and cons to help you decide.

Screen Printing Explained

This process uses the stencil or the screen, and layers of ink are applied to the printing surface. They are applied one at a time, and a different screen is used for each color. There are many benefits of screen printing too.

Uses Of Screen Printing

Screen printing has many uses, and this method can be used to print on materials like plastic and textiles. Surfaces like clothes and wallpapers can also be printed on. These are all services provided at most screen-printing shops

The History Of Screen Printing

The screen-printing process started with stenciling in ancient Egypt and in China in 900 A.D. They put ink through the silk to create pictures. Then, an artist stretched silk fabric and poured hot beeswax on it, and later in the 1880s, screen printing took off as a fabric decorating commercial practice. Now, this is done in any screen printing company.

What Is Digital Printing?

This process uses complex computing. The image on the screen is analyzed and converted to a format that can be printed.

Uses Of Digital Printing

As mentioned before, digital printing provides a more crisp, modern finish. So, it is used to print items like t-shirts, hoodies, etc…. This printing method requires attention to detail and can be easily personalized when necessary.

The History Of Digital Printing

This is a relatively new technology that started in the early 1990s. Since then, it has evolved to the point where a screen printing company can do many batches of prints in just seconds.

The Prices Comparison – Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing

The best way to decide on either of the methods is by considering the number of prints you need. If you do not need a lot of shirts, digital printing is a better option than screen printing.

This is because the initial setup for screen prints is expensive. However, if you need a considerable amount of prints, this process will become cheaper because the machine only needs to be calibrated once. They usually charge a one-time fee for this, called the screen set up fee.

On the other hand, digital prints do not have an origination fee, so it works well for small quantities of prints.

The price also depends on the number of colors that will have to be used. In digital printing, one color or a hundred would cost the same. However, in screen printing, each new color requires an additional screen, which will cost more.

Comparing The Quality Of The Prints – Screen Printing And Digital Printing

Screen printing gives a more colorful finish, especially on a dark surface. However, digital printing provides a more detailed and precise print because the ink layers are thinner. At screen printing Vancouver, you can opt for whatever option suits you best.

Digital Printing vs Screen Printing

Differences Between Screen Printing And Digital Printing

Pros of screen printing

  • Less costly for large amounts of prints
  • The art is versatile and can be printed in different angles and positions.
  • The higher your order, the lower the cost per unit. You will see that the initial fee is high for screen printing, but it gets cheaper from there. After the design is made, you do not need to repay unless your custom t-shirts printing design changes.
  • Direct personalization is not possible with this method..

Cons of screen printing

  • Expensive when printing multiple colors
  • High upfront cost
  • There can be only one design per batch

Pros of Digital Printing

  • This is the best option if you’re in a hurry because it’s pretty fast.
  • If you need only a few prints, this is the cheaper option.
  • This method is flexible and allows changes.
  • It gives a crisp and modern finish.

Cons of Digital Printing

  • Colors matching can be erroneous, and the colors may be slightly different on screen than when printed.
  • When a high quantity of prints is needed, this is expensive.

Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing

Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing – Which Is Best For Your Custom T-shirts Printing

Blue Sky T-Shirts can provide excellent services when it comes to both these types of printing. Before deciding which kind of screen printing will suit your job the best, research and carefully analyze your requirements.

If you still find it difficult to decide, all you need to do is call us. We will guide you through choosing the best option for you. We can also provide a quote for the required services, and you can then decide if it suits you.

At Blue Sky T-Shirts, we provide professional screen printing services by a team of well-trained experts. So, if you have a marketing idea, or if you have some advertising to do, you can always call our screen printing service.

We will help you decide on the best option for your job. Being one of the top screen printing companies, Blue Sky T-Shirts is always happy to help you. So, research well, and choose wisely.