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“Screen printing is garment printing using plastisol ink to transfer your design on the fabric. Each color is broken down into individual screens, and different colors represent the artwork. Ink is applied to the garment and forced through the screen with pressure.”

This is a high-resolution technique for designs with solid colors. The maximum number of colors available for this method is 6, and it may be used to print on any printed area except over seams.

The most substantial pallet we employ for this approach is 16×18 inches, which can contain images that fill the area.

We need all designs sent to us as print-ready files if a customer is not hiring our graphic design team for art assistance. What do we mean by print-ready? This implies that there will be no editing or changes on our side; every aspect of the supplied design should be reproduced. An expanded Adobe Illustrator vector file is the ideal format for a print-ready file when screen printing.

Screen Printing Richmond

Super Fast Screen Printing Richmond

We specialize in Same-Day and Rush Custom T-shirt Printing in Richmond. You can get a custom t-shirt from us within 24 hours or less.

No Minimum Orders

We provide t-shirts of any quantity and specialize in producing custom t-shirts for any event or business. All of this is covered by us.

Custom T-Shirt & Garment Printing in Richmond

Blue Sky T-Shirts is our company, and we’re just getting started. Our turnaround time is unrivaled. We have several other decoration processes that may save you money by printing fewer runs than the minimal order silk screening method requires.

We believe in design. We have decades of expertise that you may leverage to your benefit. Print your project with us for a worry-free, successful, completed apparel order.

Blue Sky T-Shirts can produce and distribute your job quickly. Call (604) 253-7501 to receive a free estimate or see our top-quality t-shirt samples at our Vancouver location.

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We are a leading screen printing company with years of experience. Our main location is in Vancouver. But, we offer our DTG printing and embroidery services, screen printing Richmond. Get in touch with us for all your screen printing needs.

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  • Concert band T-shirts in bulk
  • Corporate outing retreat t-shirts
  • Design custom Memorial t-shirts
  • Family reunion t-shirts
  • Ink screen printing with discounted costs
  • Holiday gift tees
  • Custom artwork design services are available
  • Team Group membership t-shirts
  • School spirit t-shirt design and printing
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Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

We use high-quality equipment at Blue Sky T-shirts, and it’s considered one of the best direct-to-garment printer on the market today. This printing technique is perfect for you whether you’re searching for photographs or images with many colors. Digital printing is an excellent alternative to screen printing since it allows you to make full-color prints without meeting any restrictions.

Top Quality Screen Printing Richmond

The most common approach for garment printing is screen printing. A screen is used to apply ink to a substrate, except in areas that are impermeable to the ink due to a blocking stencil. Rather than being printed one color at a time, many colors can be created using many screens. Screen printing has evolved into a highly automated and manual process of rapidly producing several custom shirts nowadays.


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with thread or yarn using a needle. Embroidery is an excellent method to make a simple statement of quality for your business. You can embroider your logo for many items such as caps, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.