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The History Of Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is by no means a new form of art. It has been around for ages and has a rich and colorful history. It originated in China in the Song Dynasty, when the art of transferring different designs onto fabric came into being.

The most popular form of screen printing is probably Japanese prints. Stencils are made out of paper and a mesh is made out of human hair, and ink is passed through the mesh onto the cloth, to create vivid images.

Later, the silk mesh became available and could be exported from Asia. So, in the 19th century, these prints became a profitable product and rose to fame all over Europe.

The history of screen printing is marked by two important events in the early 1900s. One was the invention of squeegees, which allowed screen printers to pass the ink through a screen mesh.

In addition to that, the use of photography as stencils revolutionized the screen printing industry and was invented by Roy Beck, Charles Peter and Edward Owens.

Years Later…

Today, screen printing services and custom t-shirts are very common, and it is done on many different mediums such as wood, glass, paper and fabric.

In 1938, artists  Max Arthur Cohn and Anthony Velonis coined the term “serigraphy” when they established the National Serigraph Society. This word is a combination of two Latin words, “seri” and “graphein” which mean “silk” and “draw” respectively.

Many pop artists such as Andy Warhol started to use serigraphy in the 1960s. In addition, Michael Vasilantone invented a rotatable multi-colour garment screen printing machine in the 1960s and this gained immediate popularity.

According to The Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center, screen printing is a very flexible process, and the materials that are necessary are easily found and affordable.

It is widely used in different subcultures. DIY screen printing service is a major part of the culture and is seen on movie posters, flyers, t-shirts and different kinds of advertising.

Undying Popularity

The flexibility of this screen printing process has made it extremely popular for many decades. It allows printing on a variety of different surfaces and helps the creativity of many artists to flourish.

Today, Vancouver shirt printing is one of the leading screen printing services in all of Canada.  When it comes to screen printing Vancouver, there is no better place to go.

Screen Printing Services Canada

Best Screen Printing Services

Our custom t-shirts printing company has a long history of providing the best quality screen printing services for the most affordable prices. We do screen printing on fabric and our products are always flawless, vivid and eye-catching.

As a responsible and dedicated screen printing company with many years of experience in this industry, we will help you throughout the entire process of printing custom t-shirts.

Screen Printing Effects

Screen printing provides many different possibilities and the various techniques that are available allow screen printing to be done in many different and creative ways. If you have a great design, screen printing can help make it look even more attractive.

By using the right type of ink, you can create artwork that has beautiful dimensions with the perfect glow and texture.

Screen Printing Techniques

The Super Gel  – This has rounded edges and the gel is raised off the fabric.  The end effect looks like a liquid because the finish is wet-looking.

The Layered EffectThis effect is achieved in three colors and the effect is done during the file set up and not during the actual printing process. The layered effect is given by changing over to another color when two colors cross. The dark color at the border of the two colors gives this effect.

Puff Additive – A puff additive is given to inks and heat is applied.

Gradients – Files can be set up with gradients, for instance, the sky.

Special Inks Provided By Screen Printing Vancouver

Metallic InkThis provides a shine that is subtle and not too gaudy. It comes in different colors.

Reflective Ink – The reflective particles that are in this ink give off a mirror effect.

GlitterThis causes a sparkling effect on the design.

Glow in the darkThese effects create art that starts to glow when the lights go out.

FoilThese are done with coloured polish transfers and are extremely shiny.

Vinyl T-Shirt Printing

This is also called vinyl heat transfer and it uses a machine that can cut out letters and different symbols. The artwork is done on colorful pieces of vinyl. After that, the pieces of vinyl are transferred to the material using a heat press.

The Process Of Screen Printing Services

Screen Printing Services

This uses screens that can help transfer the design onto the material. Each color in the design has to have its own screen and the ink is forced through the screen and into the areas that need to be coloured.

Vinyl Printing Vs Screen Printing

There are four things to consider here: details, color, fading and quality.

Details – Screen printing provides all designs in every detail so it is great for delicate designs. Vinyl printing doesn’t show all the details as most will not be visible.

Color – Screen printing provides vivid and sharp colors, as well as gradients created by blending colors together.

FadingVinyl printing lasts longer than screen prints, as screen printed t-shirts will fade in a few years and vinyl prints will last throughout the lifetime of the t-shirt.

QuantityVinyl printing can only be done for less items. Screen printing allows bulk printing.

If you are looking for screen printing services that are efficient and punctual and that provide high-quality output, don’t forget to contact us at Vancouver shirt printing.