Custom Screen Printing Vancouver

If you are looking for high-quality, detail-oriented, and affordable custom t-shirt printing in Vancouver, Blue Sky T-shirts is your best option. We provide custom screen printing Vancouver on apparel for all kinds of occasions and requirements.

We have supported many events for different clients, including sports, fundraising events, other cultural and promotional occasions.Blue Sky T-shirts Vancouver provides top-notch screen printing on different types of apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys and sweatshirts.

Our well-experienced Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing Vancouver team will make sure all your designs come into reality on your t-shirts! You can bring your own garment to be printed at our screen printing shop as long as they are new, not washed or worn garments, or you can even choose among the various apparel brands. We always make sure our clients receive the highest quality apparel screen printing in Vancouver!

Custom Screen Printing For Various Occasions

Blue Sky T-shirts is the ideal apparel screen printing shop to visit to receive unique custom t-shirts fit for all kinds of events and occasions. We print for adults and kids in both small and large quantity orders.

Custom T-Shirt Screen Printing For Various Occasions

Here Are Some of the Popular Requests We Have Been Receiving For Custom Screen Printing Service in Vancouver :

  • Local sports events and teams 
  • School and college events
  • Fashion designers
  • Non-profit organizations and fundraisers
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Film and tv industry 
  • Bands, singers and entertainment events 
  • Local cultural events
  • Personalized gifts 
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs
  • Company merchandise 
  • Brands and small businesses 
  • Corporate organizations 
  • Custom hoodies printing

About Our Screen Printing Process

Apparel screen printing has risen in popularity in the recent past, making it one of Vancouver’s most sought-after T-shirt printing services. We use various methods and techniques at Blue Sky T-shirts to provide our clients with the best custom t-shirts.

We follow the steps for our standard apparel screen printing service in Vancouver, BC. First, we design or receive the artwork according to our client’s preference.

Then, we check for details in placements, colours and textures and confirm the design. We create screens, set them up, and then print the ink onto the garment to begin the custom t-shirt screen printing.

Traditional apparel printing methods usually charge per colour. As for DTG, you don’t have to worry about this. Feel free to use as many colours as you want in the design without paying anything extra!

Finally, we cure it with heat and you are left with a satisfactory product.

If you are looking for awesome custom t-shirts in Vancouver, feel free to drop by our screen printing shop in Vancouver and take a look at our products and brands!

What Makes Our Custom T-Shirts Printing Special?

Among the screen printing shops in Vancouver, Blue Sky T-shirts stand out because of our unique apparel screen printing process. We use the latest printing technology and a wide range of colours and types of ink in order to bring your designs to life.

Here is a brief introduction to the different kinds of ink that we use to print custom t-shirts.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol ink is the most popular ink type used for apparel screen printing because of its durability. Using this type of ink allows for the paint colours to be consistent. This cannot be achieved using water-based ink, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Puff Ink

We use Puff Ink if you require a slightly raised printed effect on your garment. This type of ink expands when you apply it, increasing the dimension of the print and making it stand out even more.

Metallic Ink

This type of ink will create a slightly metallic effect on the apparel screen printing. You can use it to highlight your design or get a full metallic print on your garment. The colours include The most popular colours are gold and silver.

Neon/ Fluorescent Ink

Are you looking for a print that will stand out? Our Neon/ Fluorescent Ink will do the job! You can get them in multiple colours at our screen printing shop.

Glow In The Dark Ink

Glow In The Dark Ink, used with a white underbase, is another fun and trendy type of screen printing that we offer. Ideal for parties, night events and similar occasions.

Vintage/ Distressed Print

We make the trendy vintage look come alive with our printing, with just the right touch of the aged, old-school effect. Although it will look vintage, the distressed screen printing on apparel will not make it look too worn out.

Split Fountain Print

This type of screen printing will give slight gradients while using many colours—ideal for rainbow effects and shading within your t-shirt design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vancouver Screen Printing

Is screen printing cheaper than DTG in Vancouver?

DTG printing is often cheaper than screen printing for orders of less than 24 pieces. On the other hand, screen printing is usually cheaper than DTG printing in Vancouver for large orders of over 24 pieces.

How long do screen-printed shirts last?

What is the lifespan of screen printing? Screen printing produces a resilient and enduring design on T-shirts that can withstand approximately 40 to 50 rounds of machine washing. The ink used for screen printing is thick and seeps deep into the fabric.

Why is screen printing so expensive?

Screenprinted shirts have a higher cost because, unlike DTG or dye sublimation printing methods, they are charged by the piece and also require significant setup charges to get started. Screen printing requires a great deal of time and manual effort for the setup process, which includes creating screens with a mesh stencil that is then burned out. Additionally, each colour has to be added one at a time, which all adds up in cost.

How long does it take to screen print?

Being an expert for custom screen printing in Vancouver, Our touch-dry time for standard water-based fabric screen printing ink is about 20 minutes, but a heat setting is required to make the print permanent, as is the case with all screen printing inks. The touch-dry time may vary depending on weather conditions, taking up to 45 minutes on a cold wet day and as little as 5 minutes on a hot dry day.

Why is screen printing better than embroidery?

Screen printing is a better choice for customizing T-shirts, hoodies, and other similar items with larger logos because it doesn’t cause the material to pucker up as embroidery does. It also allows for more detail and vibrant colours, whereas embroidery has a more limited colour palette to work with. Screen printing is also faster than embroidery, so it’s usually cheaper in terms of cost per item.

How To Find Our Screen Printing Shop in Vancouver?

Blue Sky T-shirt is located at 1523 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. We offer high-quality screen printing services at competitive rates. Come to visit us and see how we can help make your ideas come alive with custom screen printing! You can also contact us at (604) 253-7501 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!